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Bank Holiday Closure

Sandyford services are closed on Monday 27th September due to the Bank Holiday.

If you require emergency contraception please look at NHS Inform website  


Sandyford Services: COVID-19 10th September 2021

Appointments for Contraception are available at Sandyford Central, Parkhead, Paisley and a small number at Clydebank. Due to unexpected staff shortages, we cannot put these clinics on far in advance. Please read the notes below to ensure you have the correct appointment for your needs.

  • If you wish a coil or implant, appointments can be booked online.
  • Implant removal appointments can be booked online. We will not be able to offer you any other services during this appointment.
  • Please note if you have tried to book online and have been unable to do so, it means there are no appointments available and we will not be able to provide any via telephone either. We apologise for this inconvenience and ask that you continue to try and book this appointment online
  • We have appointments available for those who want a coil removed without it being replaced. We will not be able to offer you any other services during this appointment. Please call 0141 211 8130 to arrange this. 
  • If you require contraceptive pills, patches or rings and only if your current supply is from Sandyford, please call 0141 211 8130 to arrange a telephone consultation for this.


If you are within one year of childbirth or abortion, or are a Young Person under 18 or feel in any way vulnerable, please call on 0141 211 8130 to discuss your options.

Sandyford provide a range of contraceptive options and we're happy to help you choose the right one for you.

Contraception is required until menopause and if used correctly has a high chance of preventing pregnancy. There is a wide range of options and we're happy to help you decide which method works best for you. We provide a variety of methods including implants, intrauterine coils (hormonal and non-hormonal) and vasectomy. 

Are Sandyford clinics the only place I can access contraception?

Contraception is free to all women and men through the NHS in the UK. Places where you can get contraception include:

  • you can pick up free condoms discreetly and confidentially in over 300 venues across NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.
  • our young people's service provide contraception to people aged 17 and under
  • most GP surgeries – talk to your GP or practice nurse

The NHS Inform website has more information on where you can get contraception.

I don't know what type of contraception to choose

There is a wide range of options available and the doctor or nurse at Sandyford will be happy to help you decide which method would suit you best taking into account your individual situation. Alternatively you may feel more comfortable having this discussion with your GP. Most GP practices offer contraception advice and many will also be able to fit coils and implants. 

What types of contraception do Sandyford provide?

We offer a wide range of contraceptive choices including:

  • Hormonal coils
  • Non-hormonal coils
  • Implant
  • Injection
  • Combined Oral pill
  • Progestogen only pill
  • Diaphragm 
  • Combined Hormonal Patch
  • Combined Hormonal Vaginal Ring
  • Male & Female Condoms
  • Vasectomy
  • Emergency contraception

You can find out more about each of these methods of contraception on the NHS Inform website.

What happens at the clinic.

Not sure where to start when it comes to contraception?

There are many types of contraception available these website can help you learn more about each option and help you weight up the pro's and con's.

Manage your sexual health online

Book, reschedule & cancel appointments online using our new system.

Emergency Contraception

If you require emergency contraception the sooner you act after having unprotected sex, the better.

Information about contraception after you've had a baby.

There are many very effective and safe methods of contraception that are ideal for people who have just had a baby and want to space their pregnancies or have long term contraception. You can find out more about your options here. 

What to expect at Sandyford

All the information you need about your visit to Sandyford. Before, during and after the appointment.