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Online Booking

Online is the easiest and fastest way to book, reschedule or cancel an appointment at Sandyford. Before you click through to the National online booking system please note the following points.

The  click through to the National online booking system is at the end of this page. 

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Please note Sandyford can only see residents of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. NHS Inform website has a service directory of other Health Board sexual health clinics.  

What you will be asked?

You will be asked questions that guides you towards getting the correct appointment for your needs. This will include age, gender, what type of clinic you require and your mobile number.  It is therefore important that you do not book in to another type of clinic as the staff will not be able to meet your needs. 

If you are not sure what type of clinic you need have a read of the Sandyford services section.  

Availability of appointments   

If there are no appointments available for the service you would like please try again on another day. Appointments are usually opened up on a regular basis. The phone service do not have any other appointments available for the service you want. 

You can also reschedule and cancel appointments online. 

Need an interpreter

If you do not speak English, you can ask to have an interpreter at your appointment.

Please call us on 01412118130 and tell us what language and what dialect you need when you book your appointment and we will arrange it for you.

Sandyford staff are not allowed to use any of your family or friends as interpreters. 

Further information in community languages can be found on interpreters and other topics in community languages

Sandyford services

We have clinics throughout Glasgow and Clyde that are reopening as we all recover from the COVID pandemic. Sandyford services uses the same electronic record system which ever clinic or venue you attend so you can use the one which best meets your needs. 

If you are not sure what service you need read about the different services before you start to book online.  

Coil and Implants

To ensure we are able to safely fit your coil it is important that you watch this video before attending your appointment.

Whilst waiting for a coil insertion or implant it is important that you use contraception such as condoms when having sex.  

Please read these pages for more information about coil and implants

Mirena IUS coils, inserted for contraception, can now be retained and used for contraception for 6 years.

Recent guidance from the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare' has now changed. Mirena IUS coils, inserted for contraception, can now be retained and used for contraception for 6 years. This was previously 5 years. If you are using your Mirena IUS coil as part of HRT, this remains at 5 years and should be changed at that point'


If you have symptoms or had contact with an infection it is important to be seen as soon as possible. Please call us on 01412118130 to make an appointment.

We run test only clinics to make your routine sexual health check-up as easy and hassle free as possible. 

Watch the video about test only clinics and the video about how to book online for a test only clinic on the STI testing page

Partner has a STI

If a current or previous partner has contacted you after being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection please call phone number 01412118130 the appointment line for advice before booking an appointment online. 

What to expect at Sandyford

This page explains all you want to know about attending Sandyford before during and after. 

Other places for advice or to be seen

Sandyford is the specialist sexual health services for Great Glasgow and Clyde area. However there are also other services and sources of information that may be better suited for your needs. 

  • Some GPs offer sexual health services 
  • Most chemists offer Emergency Contraception along with some other sexual health services and are always happy to be a first point of call to advise you.  
  • NHS inform has information on a wide variety of sexual health topics 

Check Clinic Address

Please check the clinic address and postcode when booking and again in your confirmation text. Sometimes the Sandyford clinic is a different building or entrance to the main community clinics. 

Now you have a  understanding of how the  National online booking system works please book, cancel or reschedule your appointment here.