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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Sandyford is delivering services differently during the COVID -19 pandemic, to protect the public and staff, including appointment only services.

Please view our full COVID-19 statement and current service information page which is updated regularly. You must not attend for an appointment if you have signs of COVID or have been in contact with someone in the last 14 days who has. 




NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Contraceptive Implant

The contraceptive implant is a thin rod that is inserted under the skin of your upper arm. It's inserted by a specially trained doctor or nurse.

The implant stops your ovary from releasing an egg (ovulating) by slowly releasing the hormone progestogen into your body. Progestogen also thickens the cervical mucus and thins the womb lining. This makes it harder for sperm to move through your cervix, and less likely for your womb to accept a fertilised egg.

Once the implant is in fitted you do not have to think about it each day or each time you have sex.

Contraceptive Implant

More information about the Implant, who can use it and how it works. 

What happens at my implant appointment?

After checking in at reception, you will be called into the clinic by a doctor or nurse. They will talk to you about your options and check that the implant is a suitable method of contraception for you. They will ask you about any illnesses or operations you or your family may have had. They will also discuss sexual health and cervical screening with you. If suitable they will be able to fit your implant for you during the appointment. The appointment generally lasts for 30 minutes.

It is best not to bring children and there are no child care facilities in the building. If you do need to attend with your child please bring another adult with you to care for them in the waiting area while you are in the clinic. Otherwise, you may be asked to return without your children. There is a lovely park across the road with several play areas if you are able to leave your children with a trusted adult.


Manage your sexual health online

You can book appointments online with Sandyford for all contraceptive options including Implants. 

What to expect at Sandyford

All the information you need about your visit to Sandyford. Before, during and after the appointment. 

Implant after care patient information