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Please see our COVID-19 Service Information page for latest COVID-19 updates.




Sandyford Services: COVID-19

Sandyford is continuing to provide abortion services. During COVID-19 you have the option to take medication at home, if it is appropriate. Please contact us on 0141 211 8620 for a telephone consultation and advice. 


If you're thinking about an abortion, and are not sure what to do, you can call us to discuss your options in confidence.

The sooner you call us, the better, as there may be a limited time in which to make some safe clinical decisions. Many women with an unplanned pregnancy choose to speak to friends, family or a partner about the pregnancy and what to do next. You may know straightaway that you do not wish to continue the pregnancy, but often people feel uncertain or confused initially. It can be helpful to speak through your feelings with someone else not directly connected to your situation.

Please call us for advice, or to make your own appointment on 0141 211 8620 . If you would prefer to speak to your own GP first, they can also refer you to our service.

Abortion Services Information

A comprehensive guide to the different types of abortion services Sandyford provide. 

Early Medical Abortion at Home

Information for women who have chosen to have an early medical abortion at home. This means that you are able to take the second set of medication in your home setting, rather than attending hospital for the second medication.

What happens at the assessment appointment?

This appointment can last up to a maximum 3 hours, and includes:

  • Time to talk through your decision to have an abortion
  • An ultrasound scan - to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are 
  • A self-test for STIs and a blood tests including HIV and syphilis 
  • Consent forms to sign
  • Discussion about types of contraception available for the future
  • Date for abortion - might be at the 1st appointment, but usually at a later date.

There are 2 types of abortion: Medical and Surgical. Early medical abortions can be managed at home. Surgical and later medical abortions take place in a hospital. At your appointment we’ll discuss which is the best hospital for you to attend.

Call us on 0141 211 8620 for abortion advice, support and to make an appointment.

Information in Community Languages

The Abortion Information is available in a variety of Community Languages