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Gender Service Policy for Adult Patients who Do Not Attend (DNA)

Why does the Adult Gender Service at Sandyford have a DNA Policy?

Across the NHS valuable appointment slots are missed every day because of patients not
turning up for appointments or not cancelling in time to refill the slot. Most NHS services have
introduced strict DNA policies to reduce wasted resource and minimise the impact on waiting
times. This is particularly important in the gender service at Sandyford where waiting times are
increasing because of increasing numbers of referrals. The gender service DNA policy was
introduced to manage patients fairly by applying the policy consistently across the service,
freeing up appointments for those who are keen to attend. We recognise that patients may have
difficulty accessing appointments for various reasons. These will be taken into account, and
anyone discharged from the service may be referred back into the service by their GP.

 What are the Responsibilities of Clinic Staff?

Letters or text messages regarding appointments should arrive in a timely fashion to
allow the patient to make arrangements to attend or cancel their appointment
. Letters regarding appointments will refer to the service’s DNA policy
. Where recorded permissions and contact details allow, we will send appointment
reminders by SMS
. If patients do not attend a video appointment, where possible the clinician should send a
reminder text with the link to the virtual waiting room
. If patients who have a telephone appointment do not answer their phone, the clinician
should call again after a few minutes and, where possible, leave a voicemail or SMS text
. The DNA policy should be applied consistently by all clinical and administrative staff

What are the Responsibilities of Patients?

. You should inform the service of any change to your name, address, telephone number,
email address or GP. Updating details with a GP surgery or other health service will not
routinely result in an update to gender service records, except for sexual health services
using the Scottish National electronic Sexual Health record.
. You should arrive / log in online on time for your appointment and inform the service, if
you are unable to keep your appointment, or if you are having technical problems
. You should inform the service of any health or social issues affecting your ability to attend
. You should advise the service if you no longer require your appointment


What will happen if you do not attend an appointment?

Failure to attend on one occasion

If contact permissions allow, you will receive a letter advising you to contact the service if you
would like to arrange another appointment. The letter will include a warning that if you do not
attend the next appointment you will be discharged from the service.


Failure to attend two consecutive appointments

You will receive a second letter advising that you have been discharged from the service. If you
wish to return you should ask your GP to refer you back to the service. The waiting time will be
at the discretion of the gender service clinicians.