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Implant After Care

Post Insertion and Removal Care

  1. The sticky dressing you have keeping the skin edges together is called a steri-strip.

  2. Please keep sterile dressing and pressure bandage in place for 48hrs to prevent bacterial infection and to reduce bleeding and bruising.

  3. Remove the outer bandage and sterile dressing. 
  1. The steri-strip can be removed after 48hrs, gently by soaking off with water. Do not pull.

  2. Keep the area clean and dry and observe for any signs of local infection

    e.g.  Swelling,  red appearance,  green or foul smelling discharge from the area, increased pain, hardening of the wound area, heat around the wound or  fever

  3. If you experience signs of infection please consult your G.P. in the first instance.

  4. Once your wound has healed, check you can feel your implant. Contact Sandyford or your GP if unable to feel your implant.  

  5. Your contraceptive implant requires to be changed every 3 years.

 There is no routine follow up; but to discuss issues or for any further information please contact Sandyford on 0141 211 8130 and ask to speak to a nurse.