Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a course of medicine taken by people who are HIV negative to lower their risk of HIV infection. PrEP does not protect against any STIs other than HIV and it only protects the person taking PrEP. Condoms are still the best way to prevent STIs. PrEP is for anyone who is HIV negative and at a high risk of acquiring HIV. It will only be prescribed to people who meet the eligibility criteria for PrEP.   

If you live within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde PrEP is only available from Sandyford clinics and from the Steve Retson Project. If you live in another area of Scotland you will need to contact your local NHS service to find out how to access PrEP in your area. See prep.scot for details of your nearest service.

For more information about PrEP, what it is and how it work please read the PrEP FAQ page on the Steve Retson Project website.

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