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Sexual Health Strategic Plan 2017-20

We are pleased to share the Sexual Health Strategic Plan 2017-20 for Health & Social Care Partnerships in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. You can read the full Strategic Plan or a summary version.

We consulted on our draft Strategic Plan between August and November 2016. Nearly 300 responses were received from a wide range of partners, including service users. The direction and outcomes contained in the plan were generally welcomed, although some concerns were raised about:

  • Uncertainty regarding whose plan it is, i.e. Sandyford’s or the whole Board area with all of its partners;
  • Ambiguity in some places with the plan promising to continue to deliver on what it already does rather than being more visionary about service improvement;
  • The apparent potential prospect of service shifting towards general practice without resource and contradicting the spirit of the new GP contracts.

As a result of the consultation process, and the concerns raised, we have revised the Strategic Plan as follows:

  • A slightly adjusted vision statement with key aims;
  • Greater clarity regarding the nature of Sandyford’s universal and specialist services and its role as lead agency for sexual health services across the Board area. This includes a clear statement about working in partnership with primary care colleagues to improve patient pathways;
  • Explicit service improvement actions under each outcome and a section on cross-cutting themes of research & innovation, training and service user engagement;
  • A statement regarding performance measures, highlighting key indicators.

Alternative formats of the Strategic Plan can be requested by emailing.